ICPC South Central USA Regional Contest

The 2021 South Central USA Regional was be March 5th, 2022. Results will be published soon.

Please read the following sections for more details:

Informations about Contest:

There will be NO registration fee this year. After registration you will be contacted with information about T-Shirts.

Regional Next Year

We are looking for site hosts for next year!.

Our next SCUSA Regional will be in February/March 2023 time frame. We hope to return to a traditional distributed regional contest. This means several things:

Please contact us if you think you might can host. We like a site to host at least 10 teams (with no more than half the teams from that school, i.e. host guests so it does not feel like a single school contest). A typical traditional contest has a practice contest in the morning, lunch, 5 hour regional, supper and the results announcement.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send them to management@scusa.lsu.edu.


Registration will be open until 1 week before contest (February 25, 2022). ICPC says registration must be complete by 1 week before Regional Contest. Registration deadline is February 25, 2022.

Registration deadline for free team t-shirts is February 17, 2022.

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Regional Rules

The rules will of course include all ICPC Regional Rules. Because the contest will be run over the open Internet and teams will be allowed to compete with their own machine/OS image, the following rules also exist:

The coach and all team members agree to follow these rules by entering the contest. Covid, travel restrictions and many other factors have made it impractical to have an in person distributed contest this year. Even though teams will compete without contest official supervision, it is imperative that contestants honor the rules and that coaches make a reasonable effort to proctor (or arrange for proctoring) their team(s).

Coaches should consider setting up a secondary machine for use if the team machine fails. The coach/proctor can attempt to recover data/code from failed computer and restore it to the replacement machine.

During online restricted contests, SCUSA provides local documentation (such as SCUSA Local Doc. Since coaches/teams have time to prepare their machine in advance they should install whatever documentation they feel they may need.

Food and drink during contest are up to local rules.

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This year we will support two Divisions: I and II. Division I is the normal regional grouping from previous years. Division II is intended for less experienced teams and features a different problem set that is not as challenging as the Division I problem set.

Since SCUSA will be online, we will not have sites in the traditional sense. We will have a site D1 (Division I) and a site D2 (Division II). By deciding which site you compete in, you decide what division you are competing in.

Teams advancing to the ICPC North America Championship will be taken from the top of Division I. If not enough teams in Division I solve a problem, then selection will continue into Division II.

Note that if a school has teams in both divisions, the teams from that school in Division II will not be eligible to place (to ensure as many schools as possible get recognized).

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Practice Contest

A practice contest will be held prior to Regional. It will start on March 4th at 5:00 PM (Central Time) and will continue running until Saturday, March 5th at noon. This is an opportunity for teams/proctors/coaches to ensure that their machines work, that they can login to Kattis and that they know how to submit and understand Kattis. Division I and Division II will have the same practice problems.

Note: Make sure that when you sign in, that it does NOT say Spectator in the top right of the screen. If it does, you are in the wrong Kattis account. Please take advantage of the Friday practice to ensure that you are using a valid, contestant account. Each team member has an account. All of these accounts are tied to your team account. Any one of them may be used.

Here are the web links for the contests. You will use the same address for the practice that you use for the Regional (it will cut over between contests).

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Contest Details

Practice Details

Friday, March 4th at 5:00 PM
Saturday, March 5th at noon

Regional Details

1 PM - 6 PM
7 PM

Since most coaches will be occupied proctoring, we have not scheduled the nornal coaches roundtable during the contest.

Contest Login URI

Division I
Division II

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Kattis Account, Contest Login, Languages

The contest will use Kattis for teams to login to. Kattis will provide the following:

Actual logins for practice and regional are:

Division I
Division II

Kattis accounts have been created. Here is information from the Kattis team:

You will not have early access to the problems. They will be available in Kattis when the contest starts. If you want printed copies, you need to ensure that you can print after contest starts. Coaches, if you want your teams to have printed copies of the problems you will need to arrange a way for you to print them AFTER the contest start. It is acceptable for the coach to print problem sets at the start of contest and distribute to teams. If you do so, you should print all copies and distribute at same time to all of your teams (i.e. don't give Team A their set and then print set for Team B, ...).

Proctors/coaches may provide printing (shared printing or printer per team). If the printer is shared, the printing process needs to be designed so that it is clear which printout goes to which team (banners or some such).

Prior to the start of the contest, all teams will receive Kattis login information. You should go to Kattis prior to the contest (several days before) and make sure you can login and get used to Kattis's submission method, scoreboard and clarification system. If your login does not work at contest start (all three team members should have valid logins that tie to this one team), it will take significant time to have the issue resolved (the Kattis admins will be very busy).

You may use C, C++, Java, Kotlin and Python 3.

You should visit Open Kattis And make sure you know how to submit for your language(s). Your Kattis login that you will use to compete should allow you to login to Open Kattis.

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Proctor Info

Here is an attempt to explain what we are looking for in the contest environment. Basically, we want the contest environment to be as close to a normal Regional Contest environment in the past. Here are some guidelines:

The contest is about the three team members solving problems and submit solutions via Kattis without the use of the Internet or other external resources/people.

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Here are some questions that have been asked and the answers we have provided:

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Contest Contact Info (During Contest)


Division I
Division II

Help sources:

For questions concerning the contest, please send email to management@scusa.lsu.edu.

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