ICPC South Central USA Regional Contest Results

SCUSA Contest Report

The 2021 South Central USA, ICP North America Regional Contest was held on Saturday, March 5th, 2022. The Contest was a micro-site contest where each university/college (school) hosted and proctored their own teams. This allowed each school the advantage of hosting as many teams as the Coach could support instead of how many the school would allow to travel and the contest could physically support. Since no sites were involved and ICPC provided t-shirts, no entrance fee was charged.

The Contest was also different in that we hosted two “divisions”. The teams enrolled in Division I were the teams in which the members and their Coach felt were capable of solving multiple problems (in other words - the usual suspects) within the Division. Division II enrollment consisted of teams that didn’t have as much experience with programming. DIvision I targets Community Colleges and teams whose members have not taken an Algorithms class yet. We had 52 teams in Division I and 15 in Division II.

The Contest ran smoothly both starting and ending on time. We had several, “Great Contest” and “Good Contest” remarks in our Zoom chat and sent to our email. Kattis ran smoothly as always and our new students didn’t have problems using it.

Isaac ran the Resolver and the competitors enjoyed that. I feel comfortable in saying, “A good time was had by all!”.

We would like to thank all of the Staff, Universities, Coaches and most importantly -- the students! Here are some teams we wish to recognize:

Division I top five

  1. University of Texas at Dallas: Comets 1
  2. University of Texas at Austin: NewType
  3. Rice University: Rice Owls
  4. University of Texas at Austin: UT Moo Moo Meadows
  5. University of Texas at Dallas: Comets 2
Division II top five
  1. Univerity of Texas at Austin: UT Cerulean
  2. University of Tulsa: Tandy Linear-Bounded II
  3. LeTourneau University: Nyala
  4. University of Houston: UH Team 2
  5. University of Tulsa: Tandy Machine II

First in State

Division I: First to Solve

Division II: First to Solve

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Contest Contact Info (During Contest)


Division I
Division II

Help sources:

For questions concerning the contest, please send email to management@scusa.lsu.edu.

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